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Tracings | Unity Womens College Department of English

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Unity Womens College Department of English

Unity Womens College Department of English

The Annual Student e-Journal

Volume 1 Issue 1 (November 2015)


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Tracings is an annual Student e-Journal brought out by the Post-graduate Department of English, KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, Kerala. The Department has always extended the scope of language and literature learning to wider realms of activities that provide ample opportunities for the entire student community. Tracings is yet another milestone in the history of  English Department that would open up research possibilities and offer a room to ponder into the quest already began and queries of novelty that surpass time and boundaries so as to enable the student community to grab and know the virtue of original research output. The journal provides an opportunity to the post graduate students of Humanities around the globe to represent their scholarly views on a research platform by publishing articles. Popular culture is often blended and correlated with literature in the global arena. The current issue of Tracings made vast and unexplored domains of the area known to the budding research community.


 ‘Once Upon a Time’ in Popular Culture: A Reading of Fairy Tales

The Myth of Virginity: Changing Perceptions in Popular Culture                 

Memory as Resistance In Popular Literature: A Study of ‘Errata’ in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children                     

Use of Mythology in The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripati                                    

Defining New Paradigm: Gender Representation in Chitrangada                  

Alienated souls and Accelerated Culture; A Study on Generation X             

The Discourse of Surveillance: Queer Blogs as Resistance                                

Identity through Fashion: Positioning Purdah among Muslim Women’s Popular Dress Culture                                                          

Popular Fiction and Film Adaptations From Words to Images: On Adapting Life Of Pi                                                     

Laughter is not always the Best Medicine: A Study of Sexist Humour in Popular Television Series                                      

Music as an Instrument of Cultural Alteration

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Department of English

KAHM Unity Women’s College,Manjeri, Malappuram, Kerala

Editor  : P. K. Babu., Ph. D. (Associate Professor & Head)

Student Editor : Fasmina (2nd Semester M.A. English)

Coordinator : Aswathi.M.P. (Assistant Professor)

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