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Unity Womens College Department of English

Unity Womens College Department of English

A transdisciplinary biannual research journal ISSN 2348-3369

Singularities is a transdisciplinary, biannual research journal brought out by the Postgraduate Dept of English, KAHM Unity Women’s College. The Department has successfully driven the academic community of the region to novel perceptions and genuine realities. ‘Singularities’ is one more modest attempt to make a genuine difference in the academia. The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform for papers which investigate and interrogate the ethos of our culture. Since the domain of the Journal cuts across disciplines, it hopes to be a forum which brings together varying and vibrant discourse on a suite of issue which matter to all.

Plurality has come to rule the roost in the new millennium. The multiple paths which were sprouted in the millennium past us have emboldened the singularly different realities which vie with one another and settle down to an agreed sense of differences. The progeny of post-structuralism or the siblings of queer theories- the world of an insightful reader is rife with singularly plural strands of readerly self-expiation. Singularities would not merely accommodate these strands of ideas which people the cultural collective, but would make an effort to activate meaningful conversation mooring on the contemporary cultural pathways.

Singularities Vol 3 Issue 2

Singularities Vol 3 Issue 1

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