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Singularities International Conference on Beauty on January 3, 4 & 5, 2018 | Unity Womens College Department of English

Phone: 0483 – 2767142 (College)   |   Mail: doe.unity@gmail.com

Unity Womens College Department of English

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Renowned Karnatic vocalist, public intellectual, and Ramon Magsaysay Award winner T M Krishna inaugurated  three day international seminar on Beauty at KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri today.  Highlighting the significance of emotions in rendering aesthetics to music, the speaker touched upon history, power and politics, identification and the association of the self as all factors adding to appreciation of music. Professor Ronald Strickland of Michigan Technological University delivered the keynote of the conference on the topic ‘Politics of Beauty in Western Modernity’ and the afternoon session was handled by Dr.Ethiran Kathiravan, Senior Scientist, Chicago University, who threw light upon the topic ‘Brain and Beauty’. An interactive session by Dr.Beatrice, Michigan Technological University brought in fruitful discussions on Academic Culture: East vs West, reflecting upon the challenges and potentials in teaching and learning.

 Professor MV Narayanan of University of Calicut  delivered a  keynote on Aestheticisation of Politics on 4 January 2018 . Dr. Cs Venkiteswaran, Film Critic, Dr. Ashley.N .P. from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, Ms. Sherin BS of EFL University, Hyderabad  and  Dr. Jijo Kuriakose handled plenary sessions.  Shri. Kalpetta Narayanan, the Malayalam poet  delivered the valedictory address.

Teachers, scholars and  students from within and outside the state presented papers on different perspectives on Beauty. Dr. P.K.Babu, Principal, MES Mampad, Dr.C.Saidalavi, Principal, KAHM UNITY Women’s College, Aswathi. M.P, event coordinator, O Abdul Ali, Ms. Reena and Mr. Mohammed Ali spoke on the occasion.

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