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Orientation Programme for First semester MA English | Unity Womens College Department of English

Phone: 0483 – 2767142 (College)   |   Mail: doe.unity@gmail.com

Unity Womens College Department of English

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Department of English, KAHM Unity Women’s College has organized a One Day orientation programme for the first semester MA English students on 25 June 2019. Commenced with an ice breaking session moderated by M K Vineetha, Assistant Professor of English,  the students were enlightened on various topics which are significant to the understanding of the course and the college. The faculty members of the department introduced brief outlines on events and activities of the department such as National and International Seminars, Seminar club, Research Club, Dissertation Awards, Author Quest, Universe, Book Buddy and Wall Magazine. Dr. Basheer Hussain Thangal delivered a comprehensive lecture on library and Network resource centre.  The students appreciated that the sessions were highly beneficial to them. Siddeeque, Assistant Professor of the Department, welcomed the gathering and Disna Sunny of first semester MA extended vote of thanks.