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Invited Lectures | Unity Womens College Department of English

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Unity Womens College Department of English

Unity Womens College Department of English


The Erudite Lecture Series- Dr. M.T. Ansari

The Erudite Lecture Series at the English Department of Unity Women’s College, Manjeri concluded with an interaction with English Faculty of different colleges by the Resident Scholar, Dr. M. T. Ansari, Professor, Centre for Comparative Literature, Hyderabad Central University. The five day lecture series was organised by the Department with the support from Kerala State Higher Education Council under the Erudite Scheme. As part of the programme Dr. Ansari gave five lectures at different colleges. The Lecture series started off at the Dept of English, University of Calicut, with a talk on ‘Autobiography and the Nation’, which explored the way autobiographical fragments uneasily cohabited in the intersection of terrains of life and Nation. At Govt. College, Malappuram, Dr. Ansari elaborated on the shifting perspectives emerging in the literary world with a talk on ‘Minority Literature’. ‘New Literatures’ and the socio-political catalysers of the phenomenon formed the central thread of Dr. Ansari’s interaction with students and staff at Sullamussalam Science College, Areacode. The two lectures at Unity College, meant for PG English students of the region and the English Faculty focussed on ‘Culture Studies’ and ‘Comparative Indian Literature’. Poornima. R, Assistant Professor of English Department, coordinated the Erudite Lecture Series.

Invited Lecture on New Paradigms of Teaching and Learning by Dr. K.M. Sheriff – Thursday, 12 March 2014.

Dr. K. M. Sheriff, Professor, Dept. of English, University of Calicut delivered a talk on New Paradigms of Teaching and Learning at the Department. His lecture assessed the transformation sweeping the educational scenario, with the advent of the penetration of Information technology and the change of the social mindset. Dr. Sheriff urged the PG students to aware of the pitfalls and be ready to shoulder the challenges, if they have teaching on their minds.

Invited Lecture by Dr. Asma Ansari on Life after Postgraduation: Higher Studies and Research – 18 March 2014

Dr. Asma Ansari, Asst. Professor, EFLU, Hyderabad, delievered an empowering session to our PG an UG students on the educational avenues open to them once they complete their graduation / postgraduation. She also spoke to them about the research programmes and the intellectual and career benefits they stand to gain. The top research centres and courses too were introduced.

Media Lecture series

The Dept. conducted a Two Day Lecture Series on Writing for the Media – its stylistics and features for the VI semester undergraduate students of English language and literature on 23rd and 27th of January 2015. The Lectures helped develop an understanding of the conventions and practices of writing, reporting and editing for the mass media. The sessions encouraged students in foregrounding strategies used in print, electronic and digital media, which is the integral part of VI semester BA English programme. More specifically, the lectures covered news writing, feature writing, article writing, editing and writing for the screen, which are areas included in the VI semester B. A. English Syllabus. The lectures helped the students from the examination perspective too. The students enjoyed an opportunity to listen to master classes by those who are experts in the area. The sessions included News writing-Appropriate angle for a news story-structuring news-qualities of effective leads-using significant details-effective revision by Latheef Naha, District Correspondent, The Hindu, Television in Digital Age: A Practical Approach-production techniques and writing for TV-with special focus on features by Mr. Sajeed Naduthodi, Producer, Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC), University of Calicut and on Film Scripting: writing for the screen by Dr. Gopu, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Malayalam, Govt College, Malappuram.

Lecture on Culture Studies by Dr. M.V. Narayanan

Prof. Dr. M.V. Narayanan, of the Department of English, University of Calicut, an eminent scholar- researcher in the culture and performance studies, analyzed the multiple possibilities of culture studies in the post millennial context in the lecture delivered on the event. He traced the beginnings of the Culture movement and the way it evolved as an academic discipline. The various trajectories the branch of study has recently taken the dangers posed by the academising the area too came under the sanner in the talk.

Interaction with Mr. John Paul, Malayalam Movie Script Writer.

The veteran Malayalam movie script writer John Paul was at the Dept. to interact with the students on Malayalam Movies in general and Scripting in specific. In a 2 hour long session he took questions from the students on varied matters relating to Malayalam cinema. Mr. John Paul briefly summarized the changes which have come over the domain in the last couple of decades. The interaction was livened by the anecdotes he shared regarding his heydays in the Malayalam Moviedom.