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English Association Programs | Unity Womens College Department of English

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Unity Womens College Department of English

Unity Womens College Department of English

Association Report- September 2015

On 2nd of September, the third semester students introduced the first semester students and asked them to talk on their dreams, aims and aspirations.  The session helped the students and the teachers to get acquainted with the fresh faces in the department.

The session continued in the next week


On 16th of September, the third semester students staged Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, prescribed for their course work. Stage effects added to the beauty of the presentation. Next week the second act will be added. The teachers, who were present, suggested appropriate costumes for the same.




05/08/15 ‘MY DREAM’ – Tribute to Dr.A.P.J Abdhul Kalam
12/08/15 Dumb charades – Proverb
19/08/15 Introducing My Friend




02/09/15 Staging of Macbeth (Act 1)
09/09/15 Puzzle – From A to Z
16/09/15 Staging of Naaga Mandala
23/09/15 My Story
30/09/15 Staging of Macbeth (Act 2)

A Tribute to Dr.A.P.J Abdhul Kalam


11th November 2015 Discussion Food and Politics

A topic discussion was conducted on the topic Food and Politics. The discussion was initiated by Rajani Miss and Shahina Miss throwing light on the topic. Asiya Jabin, the English Association Secretary started the panel discussion by voicing concern over food being made a political weapon. Kavya and  Jaisha both of first semester carried the topic forward very expertly by presenting counter view points. The topic being of timely relevance the discussion was polyphonic with the opinion of teachers as well as students. All sides of the issue especially beef politics was looked into. Vineetha, Sangeetha, Reena, Shahina and Rajani participated in the session.

 18th November 2015 Quiz: Who Penned It?

The programme conducted was a quiz programme moderated by 3rd Semester  M.A. Akshaya Saranath was the quiz master. made their way to questions. All the batches participated in the programme very eagerly. 1st Semester M.A. students emerged as winners of the event scoring maximum number of points.   Vineetha Ma’m, Reena Ma’m and Rajani Ma’m, Sangeetha Ma’m, Poornima Ma’m etc. participated in the programme.The programmme is very useful to students because NET exam, PSC exams etc. are turning objective.


2nd December 2015 Debate: Women Empowerment

The programme was moderated by 1st Semester M.A. students. The discussion was pivaoted on the topic whether empowerment programmes are sufficient or not. One speaker each from each class was given turns to talk and voice their concerns and aspirations. The moderators argued in the end that the participants harped on the periphery making the session less deep. Teachers like Vineetha;Sangeetha, Krishna and Poornima participated.

6th December 2015 Quiz

This quiz was a general one with round like authors, titles, quotes etc. First year BA students did a very good job by including lesser known writers , childrens literature, detective writers and sci fiction writers in their questions.  This was soley based on authors and works. Lesser known writers like Micheal Chrichten, the science fiction book written by Arthur Conan Doyle etc entered the quiz. Neelima played Quiz master ,Kavya the scorer. 3rd Semester MA students won the game.


27th January 2016 Turn About

The programme was turn about a speaking session on various issues. The speaker has to support one side for one minute and support the opposite view point in the second minute. Next 30 seconds will go for the supporting of first view point followed by 30 minutes for the next view point. Sense of humour was given weightage. Due to the students’ lack of knowledge on what and how of the issue Rajani Miss initiated the game by talking on Modest Lady or the Feminist. Priyanka of 1st Sem. MA talked on “Women’s Colleges or Co Ed Colleges; Jaisha of first Sem BA talked on Vegetarianism or Non Vegetarianism. Kavya Jose, Neelima, Shifana, Binsha etc. of first Sem BA aslso talked on topics like women’s colleges, Vegetarianism, etc. Next association will ensure maximum participation from the students by giving away topics early and giving them ample time for preparation.

17th February 2016

Adieu, Sun’s Glory:  The English  Association Pays  Homage to ONV


When some people leave the earth, the void created by them will be just hard to fill.  This statement becomes a universal truth which remains always true when said of ONV Kurup, the Malayalam  poet who left us recently. An orator whom words never failed and therefore never resorted to cheap verbal gimmicks which just saved the situation but raged the fire of controversy later.  A song writer who gave a new definition to the process and proclaimed silently that no one can detatch songs from situation in films even if it is new generation and even a couplet can give teach as big a lesson than a whole epic poem teaches. A teacher who forced the students sans  any force to sit silently in the class by the mere spell of his words used. The effort of English Association to take a small step to give him a befitting farewell proved more than good because of Dr. Jyothi, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, who never loved Ceaser less but Rome more.  Jyothi Ma’m shared her association with the poet and his works for a pretty long time.  Her talk never deteriorated to show off of knowledge but always held the charm of childlike innocence because of the inclusion of so called lesser known but nonetheless lesser poems. The speaker quoted from and recited poems like Kunjedatthi, Choroonu, Pengal(Sister) along with the popular and oft quoted ones like Bhoomikkoru Charamageetham, Bhoomi, Amma, Panannte Pattu, Kothambu Manikal  and Ujjaini. The talk was concluded with the wish that such a poet cannot simply vanish in air his forceful lines will be reverberating in the air will  whenever somebody tries to hurt ecological balance of earth or abadon ones biological mother. His poem stays relevant in an age when the whole progeny of brothers are disappearing and reappearing in the shape of abductors and pimkps. Instead of saving thir sister’s honour they sell it for material gains.

2 March 2016

Today’s  English Assoiciation gave a new experience for the students with Faseela of IVth Semester MA’s screening of the National Award Winning Marathi movie Jogwa which bagged many National Film Awards in 2009. Directed by Rajiv Patil, the film is based on two novels,Choundaka and Bhandarbhong by Rjan Gavas.  It gives the audience a touching experience of the young girls and boys who are forced to embrace the cult of Yellamma during Randi Poornima(Prostitute Full Moon).

The film tells the heart aching story of Suli the young  innocent seventeen year old who was forced to embrace the cult simply because her hair became matted. Tayappa, was forced to drape saree and also became a Jogwa because he bled while urinating. People believed that Yellamma can cure diseases and bring prosperity to the family. Another character Yemya also is introduced who was forced by his family to join cult when his mother eloped with somebody and he was sexually molested by boys. Even family clash was considered as a call from Yellamma. The  film portrays resistance against tradition when Tayappa untangles Suli’s matted hair and they decide to marry inspired by the master’s speech . But it was not that easy with the whole society turning against them. Finally Suli unites with Tayappa and the film has a symbolic close.

English Association Inauguration-3 March 2016


The English Association, KAHM Unity Women’s College for the year 2015 was inaugurated by Ryan J. Pickard, Resource Person Kangaroo Centre for Excellence, Calicut, on 3rd March 2015. Mr. Pickard delivered a lecture on Collaborative skills. The speaker metaphorically equated collaborative learning experience to summer camps where everybody leaves the unwanted luggage and work hand in hand overcoming weaknesses and limitations and move forward towards some new discovery. The speaker evoked interest of the audience by describing his own experiences of using Mathematical techniques for teaching grammar and also gave some useful tips for assessing ones personalities. The audience was spell bound when he introduced five kinds of sign languages which people use to tell somebody that they really care for them.