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UGC Projects | Unity Womens College Department of English

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Unity Womens College Department of English

UGC Projects
  • Shahina Mol . A K.

    Global Environmental Education through Literature: Eco poetics and Green Cultural Studies of Selected Literary and Cultural Productions. Summary: Eco criticism is the study of literature and environment from an interdisciplinary point of view. Though the current syllabus at UG level is having some elements...

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  • Muhammedali. P

    Family Narrative as National and Transnational Narrative: An Analysis of Half  of a Yellow Sun, Blood Brothers: A Family Saga, and Burnt Shadows. Summary: Even after gaining independence from colonial powers novelists of the third world countries still continue to produce fictional works revolving...

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  • Sangeeta. K

    Title: The Tale of a Bruised Land: New Historicist Perspectives in the Fiction of Khaled Hosseini Summary: Reading Hosseini allows a peep into the cultural and political Afghan scenario, chiefly the post 1960 Afghanistan. The Soviet invasion, followed by the seizure of power by...

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  • Poornima. R

    A Nation in Conflict: Identity Politics in The Bitter Wormwood, The House with A Thousand Stories and Curfewed Night. Summary: Though the term ‘nation’ refers to the concept of a shared cultural experience, there are huge differences too. In a land of diverse culture,...

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  • Krishna Sunder

    Title : Metaphysics of Isolation : Survival Strategies in “Cast Away”, “Life of Pi” and “Gravity”. Summary : The theme of isolation and the physical feats of survival has been a feasted theme of humanity since long. Human subsistence in its true complexities and...

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  • Aswathi.M.P

    Exploring the Sacred Feminine:A Feministic Reading of By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Da Vinci Code and What the Sufi Said. Summary: The difference between male and female is not just a biological accident but a very profound element in defining...

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  • P. K. Babu

    Remapping idioms: Exploring the use of English in selected Malayalam fiction of V. K. N. Summary:The writing of V. K. N is freely dispersed with English words idioms and phrasal verbs. But the English present in the Malayalam of V. K. N. is employed...

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